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Growing vegetables are much different than growing other types of plants. The weather in Florida allows us to grow our own food all year long - but our growing seasons are completely unique to the rest of the country. Whether you just need a helping hand, or want to install drip line irrigation - we are here to help.  

Garden maintenance

Let us take care of the hard work for you. Maintenance is available as needed, or regularly scheduled.

Service includes:

  • Pulling weeds and dead plants

  • Pruning

  • Watering, if needed

  • Mulching around the based of plants

  • Handpicking harmful pests 

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Drip line irrigation installations

A reliable watering source is key to a successful garden. Although a watering can will do just fine, drip line irrigation requires less effort and promotes healthy plants by watering from the bottom. Drip line irrigation can be added on to existing irrigation systems, extended from hose bibbs, or wired separately with a wireless Bluetooth controller.   

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Mulch, stones, and more

Add another dimension of beauty to your landscape. We can transform garden pathways, landscape beds, and other walkways so that you have less mess and fewer weeds. Mulching will also help your plants retain moisture to use when needed.

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Improving soil health and biodiversity

Healthy soil will deliver nutrients to your plants and can help regulate water absorption. Building upon your soil over time with rich organic matter is one of the best things you can do for your garden. 

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Tilling existing soil

Working with existing soil is one of the most cost effective ways to grow your own food. We send our soil samples to be analyzed at the soil lab, and amend only what's needed.

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Summer solarizing

Solarizing is a method that uses our sun and heat to kill weeds, pests, bacteria, and other harmful substances within the soil. 

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Snowbird Special

For those who live out of the state for part of the year and return in the fall.

Once we confirm your approximate date of return, we can start planning your seasonal garden and give it the head start it needs in order to thrive during your time in Florida. This includes starting your desired plants in late summer/early fall, preparing your soil, plus removing weeds and dead plants. This package includes everything in our "Changing of the Seasons" package personalized to your limited time in Florida and garden goals.

We also provide a written summary of each visit and list any follow up care or suggestions for future planting.

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Let's help you grow!

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