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Head of the Homestead

I grew up camping, fishing, and climbing trees. Although I didn't have a garden at home growing up, I had quite a few influences who introduced me to growing food. I love to garden because it teaches our children (and myself!) responsibility, self-sustainability, and patience.



Big Daddy

Bryan has experience caring for all kinds of farm animals and a rose garden as a child in Tennessee.  He works full-time growing in golf turf grass and holds a commercial pesticide applicator license with the state of Florida. He is our go-to guy for all things in pesticides (natural and artificial), fertilizers, irrigation, grass seed, turf grass and weeds.



Builder (in training)

Bryce is a great help, especially while we are building gardens or chicken coops. Tomatoes are his favorite thing to grow.



The Chicken Whisperer

Rylan loves all animals and most bugs. He's the first to jump in to help, even if it means getting dirty head to toe.



Handy Helper

Full of spunk, laughter, and silliness. Greyson loves to help water the garden, feed the chickens and collect eggs.



The Loveable Licker

You can often find Cali around the yard chasing lizards. She takes her job as flock protector pretty serious. She loves our friends and family & is always down for a good snuggle.


The Hens

The Egg Layers

Our girls work hard laying eggs, so we love to spoil them. There's Jenny, Buckwheat, Liberty, Red, Buff, Marge, Brahma, Blue (two), Partridge and Light Maran.



Muscle Man

Daquan has an eye for details and super strength. He helps us with our larger builds.


Tessa Hibbard

Food Master

Also known as "Gigi". The kitchen is her territory. She's always cooked the best food and completed her commercial food apprenticeship in 2006. I don't think I've ever disliked anything she's ever made - trust me, she's that good.


Brian Hibbard

Truck driver

Brian with an "i" (AKA Hibbard or Poppy) assists in delivering building supplies and gives a helping hand when he can. Backs it up like a Tonka truck.


Don Smith

Mouth of the South

Bryan's father (AKA Grandpa Donnie) is one of a kind. He's always grown tomatoes, loves to golf, and you can hear him from a mile away. Any visit with him is sure to be entertaining. Has a green thumb.

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