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Grow, baby, grow (Florida edition)

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

I never had my own garden as a child, but I had family and friends that did. They taught me how to appreciate growing plants. When I finally made the leap to start a garden as a mother, I was basically winging it. Google certainly wasn't very helpful because 98% of the gardening advice out there IS NOT FROM FLORIDA GARDENERS. I would read an article, follow their suggestions, and then fail. Let me clarify... Florida gardening is unique. We do not get snow, our summer climate is extremely hot and rainy, not to mention a random hurricane or two is always a possibility in summer or fall. We are also unique because believe it or not, it is possible for us to grow our own food all year long.

There really is no one exact way to garden and I admit I'm no expert, but I have had many failures and learning experiences along this journey in the last 6 years. Our mission is share what we've learned so ALL people are able to grow their own food despite of their space available, financial status, ethnicity, political party, gender, religion, etc. It always amazes me how growing plants (of all kinds) can bring people of all walks together.